Edwardsville Guardianship Attorneys

If you recognize elder law issues early enough, we can help you set up an estate plan that will ensure your parents get the care they need. Estate planning can also avoid issues when you need a guardian for your children, if you are not able to raise them, or when you seek guardianship of your grandchildren, or other minor children.

guardiansIndividuals can contest the appointment of a guardian. We have represented families wishing to place an elder under guardianship. We have also represented family members challenging the conduct of a guardian of an elder. Guardianship disputes sometimes involve younger family members objecting to the way the older generation manages a business. Many guardianship disputes involve either the need to protect the elder, or the desire to control that family member or his or her money. An elderly person may not want to be protected. Other family members may object to having one person control the affairs of that person.

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