Roxana, Illinois Guardianship Attorneys

Establishing a guardianship is recommended for many reasons, including the death of a parent with a minor child, age, mental incapacity (Alzheimers Disease), dementia or psychiatric disorders or physical incapacities, etc.

Guardianship Lawyers to Protect Individuals in Madison County, Illinois

Our law firm handles guardianship proceedings to protect the property and physical well-being of children and incapacitated or disabled individuals. A guardianship gives another person or entity authority to make health care decisions, financial decisions and property management decisions.

When You Are Gone in Madison County, Illinois

We practice in the areas of elder law, benefits, estate planning and guardianship.  When a young child receives money, a special needs trust can ensure the preservation of benefits and resources, and continued access to  programs.  Parents need to be aware of the importance of guardianship and planning for the future of a disabled adult.

Wood River, Illinois Guardianship Litigation Attorneys

If you recognize elder law issues early enough, we can help you set up an estate plan that will ensure your parents get the care they need.  Estate planning can also avoid issues when you need a guardian for your children, if you are not be able to raise them, or when you seek guardianship of your grandchildren, or other minor children.

Madison County, Illinois Contested Guardianship Law Firm

Our law firm has experience representing individuals and families in contested guardianship cases throughout the Metro East and Southern Illinois. When an individual is no longer able to handle personal and business matters on his or her own, an interested party may petition the Court to name a legal guardian. Such a guardian is usually a family member, such as an adult child or sibling, but this depends on all facts and circumstances, including the wishes and desires of the alleged disabled person.

Guardianship Litigation Attorneys in Pontoon Beach, Illinois

Our lives can be complex.  Blended families, step-families and other relationships mean that selection of guardian for a disabled or incompetent elder can be a challenge.  This has led to an increase in litigation related to guardianships.  We know about this because we handle these types of cases.

Disputed Guardianships Attorney in Collinsville, Illinois Cases

Individuals can contest the appointment of a guardian.  We have represented families wishing to place an elder under guardianship.  We have also represented family members challenging the conduct of a guardian of an elder.  Guardianship disputes sometimes involve younger family members objecting to the way the older generation manages a business.  Many guardianship disputes involve either the need to protect the elder, or the desire to control that family member or his or her money.  An elderly person may not want to be protected.  Other family members may object to having one person control the affairs of that person.

Guardianship Disputes and Will Contests in Madison, Illinois

We believe will contest litigation will increase for several reasons.  Society has become more complicated, leading to disputes over the distribution of property.  Furthermore, the rise in divorce and remarriage has given our society many more blended families, step- children and step-parents.  Another societal change involves how we care for the elderly, who sometimes have the choice of a nursing home or in-home care. With adult children not handling day-to-day responsibility for elders, caretakers are inheriting more than ever.  The ethical standards of fiduciaries may also appear to be on the decline.  Powers of Attorney may attempt to control everything.

Claims of Undue Influence Attorney in Southern Illinois Will/Trust Contest Cases

The dynamics of family structure and function mean that matters of inheritance have become less straight forward and conflicts over inheritance are more frequent.  Will contests frequently involve charges of undue influence, meaning that the person who made the will was believed to have been manipulated by somebody.  Disputes over the provisions of a will can also arise.

Discovery and Evidence Issues in Guardianship, Will and Trust Contest Cases in Highland, Illinois

Some of the evidence and discovery issues that may arise include (1) admissibility of certain types of testimony about undue influence, (2) challenges to testimony based on bias, character, evidence or impeachment, and (3) discoverability of documentary evidence, such as emails and other materials.

Tax Implications of Will and Trust Contests in New Douglas, Illinois Cases

Tax implications of will and trust contests can include (1) if a will contest is successful, will any tax liability reduce the amount of inheritance, (2) if gifts of money are made in lieu of child support payments to an ex-spouse, are there any tax implications, (3) if a child elects to receive an amount of money now rather than claiming an inheritance later on, will he be liable for the gift tax, (4) does a child relinquish standing to contest a will by accepting a gift, etc.

Tortious Interference with Inheritance in Marine, Illinois Trials

Individuals who believe they have a right to inherit property under a will, but have learned that the assets covered by the will are changing or have been interfered with, may be able to file suit for interference with an inheritance.

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We often receive referrals from other attorneys who may not practice, at least to the extent we do, in regard to certain areas of the law, including complex will and trust matters. As a result, this has increased our volume of cases and expertise in this area of the law.

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